• Individual support  (Women, Youth, Children, Minority, People With Disability and the community is our first priority)
  • Good Governance and leadership
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Team Work
  • Professionalism
  • Responsiveness
Coast Women In Development is guided by the following pillars in its work of
Consolidating the gains for women in the Constitution and secure effective implementation of all gender responsive laws.
  • Build a body of knowledge on women’s political leadership and good governance at the grassroots – local, and national level.
  • Promote access to justice for the survivors of gender based violence through legal aid services to women and girls.
  • Proactively influence institutional structures to recognize, comply and be responsive to women’s rights at the grassroots, local, national levels.
  • Strengthen the capacity and visibility of the organization to secure sustainability in gender equality.



Tuinuane Goat Rearing

The Tuinuane Project is a project that was started by Coast Women in Development for the women at the grassroots level. The project started with a micro-credit program where women groups are given soft loans individually. The loans have improved the livelihoods of the participating women. Through these loans they are able to provide for their families, pay school fees for their children and boost their small businesses.

With the partnership of Wyndham International, CWID has started a meat-goat rearing project with women group of Vitengeni area, Kilifi County. The project has also created an opportunity for the women in Vitengeni to participate in leadership positions, this is following the tradition that one has to have possessions in order to be a leader.



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Badilika project

Cultural roles and expectations have contributed much in the way violent men are, our cultures and traditions have brainwashed us in defining the roles of men and women, men are believed to be masculine and women are the weaker sex. The effects of these expectations has led to psychosomatic diseases, stress, wrong perceptions of boy/ girl responsibilities and many otherspsychological and emotional effects, he also gave an example of how men in our universities cannot cook their own food, they therefore end up living with their fellow female students who act as their wives, their cook and clean for them because men believe those are women’s roles, this therefore leads to irresponsible intimate relationships in our education setup and can result to HIV/AIDS, death, alcoholism ad family breakups. People have not realized that in as much as men inflict physical pain on women such as rape and beatings, most of the emotional pain remains with the man.


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Maternal Child Health

The improved Maternal Health services benefits Women of reproductive age, mothers and their newborns in the Machafukoni settlement. The general objective of the proposed action is to reduce Maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality by increasing the community access to and uptake of quality Maternal and Child Health services in Mombasa Machafukoni informal settlement. Specific Objectives;

  • To conduct community mobilization activities on best practices in maternal health
  • To train 90 Community Health Workers (CHWs) and 8 Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) in promoting Maternal Health.
  • To provide light rehabilitation to Mlaleo and Junda health Centres.
  • To provide key maternal health care equipment for the two health facilities.
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GBV prevention and response

CWID is a member to the GBV Prevention Network which is  a vibrant network of activists and organizations working to prevent violence against women (VAW), united in a mission to uphold equality in our homes and communities. The Network is over 500 members strong, working in 18 different countries in the Horn, East and Southern Africa to build a just and violence-free world for women.

GBV Prevention Network is dedicated organizations, individuals, academics, and activists. Members come from rural and urban areas, community-based organizations, academic institutions and more. The Network is both women and men from all walks of life. The Network believes that violence is an injustice and that we have the power and responsibility to prevent it!

The GBV Prevention Network works to increase momentum for VAW prevention by strengthening analysis, building connections and taking action to prevent VAW.


Agricultural Sector Development Programme (ASDSP)

CWID is a Partner to this programme by the government under which ASDSP engages with different categories of partners in the effort to develop value chains both at the National and County levels. CWID does advocacy and lobbying in this program and Greater achievement is seen in the extended concepts where more than 50 partners have been engaged in implementation of three extended concepts per County except for Nandi and Bomet Counties that have four.

The Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) is a sector wide programme implemented by the Government of Kenya in collaboration with interested development partners, with the overall aim to support the implementation of the Agricultural Sector Development Strategy 2010 – 20.


“ To transform Kenya’s agricultural sector into an innovative, commercially oriented, competitive and modern industry that will contribute to poverty reduction, improved food security and equity in rural and urban Kenya”.


“To increase equitable income, employment and improved food security of male and female target groups as a result of improved production and productivity in the rural smallholder farm and off-farm sectors”



Fanikisha (Promoting Healthy State-Citizen Relationships in Africa)

There is a Health Bill being debated in Mombasa County which sought to support the efforts of devolution with regards to Heath matters. This bill covers the operations and efforts of referral Hospitals, the financing of Health care, salaries of Health workers and effectively provide the constitutionally mandate Health services to the citizens. This is response to the many challenge that have been in the ealth sector, which have been violations of the human rights especially sexual reproductive rights. According to the afore mentioned problems CWID aims to utilize an innovative approach combining dialogue, live radio talk shows, outreach events and Information Communication Technology to address the bills and improve citizens engagement in good governance in Mombasa County. Through this project, we seek to mobilize the community to advocate for the provision of one stop center for response and treatment of SGBV cases in Mombasa County Health Bill and shelter for GBV survivors.

Overall Goal:

Enhance Health Bill that inclusively have the provision of sexual gender based violence response and dignified treatment at the Sub County level.

Project Objectives:

  1. To enhance public knowledge and dialogue on the upcoming Health Bill and its provision and it 's provision to sexual gender based violence cases at the Sub County level.
  2. Entrench county wide public participation and good governance through active engagement between the members of County Assemblies, Citizens and the Civil Society Organizations Networks.


CWID works towards prevention of HIV/AIDS and intervention as part of its overal public health Mission in Kenya



We are involved in GBV/SGBV response in kenya while creating awareness to enable reduce the GBV cases in kenya.

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 This is a means of making a living. Livelihood is sustainable when it enables people to cope with and recover from shocks and stresses.

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Women Leadership

Coast Women In Development undertakes programs that provides leadership skills to women. CWID also ensures women are represented at the political leadership in kenya



Youth Friendly Services

CWID provides Youth friendly Services to the young people at the Junda Health Centre and Mlaleo Health Facility at Kisauni Sub-County.



Peace Building

The organization is involved in peace building activities through conflict resolution and dialogue between households that experience domestic violence.



Social Justice

CWID is concerned in promotion, protection and respect of Human Rights aspects in Kenyan Society and justice to all.



Advocacy and Lobbying

CWID advocates and lobby for best policies and laws that protect human rights and brings dignity to human activities in Kenya.



Health State for Women In Kenya

There are concerns over rising reports of deteriorating standards of reproductive health care in government hospitals, clinics and health centers as well as in private hospitals and institutions. The state of health care centers at the Coast is wanting and the region is in dire need of proper health care facilities, workers and service providers.

Numerous cases of reproductive health rights violations by both public and private hospitals and medical facilities have been reported. They include still-born births, kidnapping of new-born babies, unnecessary medical procedures being performed on women, poor quality medical advice, poor treatment of women with reproductive and/or maternity complications, complicity of doctors and medical staff in cases of medical negligence and detaining women after delivery for non-payment of delivery fees, among others.


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