The organization has interests of the girl-child at heart especially those living and learning at the grassroots level. Most of these girls do not have the priviledge to have opportunities like their peers just because  their  families  cannot afford to. Such matters extend to affording of sanitary towels, -a very necessary tool to a girl who is menstruating and many girls face this stage when they are aged between 9 and 18 years.

The organization gave sanitary towels to the pupils of Frere Town Primary School. The school that has a population of over a thousand pupils and most of them are from the humble families. These sanitary towels come in as a basic need to young girls going to school. Girls should not be hindered from performing well because of lack of sanitary towels which makes them leave school prematurely, but rather they must have a common play field with their boys counterparts. CWID also provides moral support to the primary schools and creates awareness on HIV/AIDS to the young pupils under the straight talk program for primary pupils.


Empowerment and Livelihood

Investing in grassroots women supports not only a woman, but sustains a community. Grassroots women are often neglected in development work as many organizations find it difficult to venture out to rural areas, despite the fact that these play a greater role of taking care of their families while their husbands are migrate to urban centers or busy drinking local brew.

Since l started getting loan from CWID now my children can eat a balance diet, those who go to school can now have books and uniform , the money is not just for bussines but it has changed the life of my family members, says zawadi a mother of four children .


CWID believes that reaching out to grassroots women is one of the best investments, as well as being one of the most rewarding. CWID is proud to support the work of grassroots women.

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